Hey there, talented, creative DIY’er!

You love to craft hand-made items and gifts for family and friends. And naturally, you enthusiastically dive into unique decorating projects for your own home.

You have a few DIY projects in the works right now and have lots of ideas for more.

Your Pinterest boards are brimming with thrift store makeover ideas, enough DIY Christmas decorations to cover the entire neighborhood, and oodles of kids’ craft projects that could last through their high school years. And your exuberant Big Dream House pins seem to be just that… a huge, unattainable Dream.

Perhaps this bounty of ideas leaves you somewhat overwhelmed and slightly unfulfilled. How can you relax and enjoy your hobby and still cram all this clever creativity into your already jam-packed life?

Secretly, you know the harsh reality. You can’t do it all.

Like you, I enthusiastically appreciate the creativity and dedication that goes into hand-crafted items and beautifully decorated homes.

Earlier in my life, I had plenty of time to express my creativity. I made my own clothing and jewelry, crocheted afghans, cross-stitched pillows, and explored other arts and crafts, and dabbled in interior design.

Somewhere along the way, “life” kicked in and occupied more of that precious leisure time.

My husband and I renovated our first home together, and it took eight years to complete it. The DIY process was fun (mostly) and significantly cut down on expenses. But in hindsight, we learned that our ambitious dreams were blind to the reality that “DIY’ing for the sake of DIY’ing” consumes more time than any hobby should.

Now, my approach to DIY’ing and crafting keeps the time factor in mind. I develop time-conscious projects that offer the opportunity to experience the joy of creating along with the satisfaction and fulfillment of completing a fun project without a huge time commitment.

I launched CreativeHomeCrafts to share unique, quick-win projects with you. Creative people like you will find inspiration, ideas, and instruction for thoughtful handmade gifts and straightforward DIY home projects, most of which can be completed in less than a day.

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Together, let’s renew the creative joy, enthusiasm, and satisfaction that our hobby is intended to provide.

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