Basket Wall Decor Tips + Gallery Wall Inspiration for Bare Walls

Transform an empty wall into a texturally interesting basket wall feature in less than an hour.

We all have them.

Blah and boring flat, bare walls that call attention to themselves for all the wrong reasons. If you have some walls that need a little more flair, read on to explore the latest trend in wall decor!

Inspired by trendy boho basket walls, our casual kitchen basket gallery wall includes other interesting wall accents that were claimed from their hiding places around the house.

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First, the origin of basket walls. A gallery wall (sometimes called a salon wall) is a display that consists of a larger collection of similar objects, like artwork or photos.

Basket walls are variations of gallery walls. A display of several woven baskets naturally adds visual contrast and texture to walls of family rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, stairways, home offices, bedrooms and bathrooms.

A collection of woven baskets offers a quick and easy way to decorate any empty wall.

And the best part? If you’re resourceful, they won’t break your decorating budget!

How Do You Make a Basket Wall?

Like any gallery wall, your basket wall is a planned, intentional showcase of your basket collection. Even if you don’t have any baskets now, they’re easy to find and offer a variety of styles that’ll suit most decorating schemes.

Once you’ve gathered your basket collection, your basket wall will be up in no time. Here are some tips for success:

1. Collect wall baskets of various sizes, patterns, shapes and colors


How to source a good wall basket assortment:


2. Plan your basket arrangement


  • Experiment with several arrangements of your wall basket collection on the floor.
  • Try incorporating additional round objects (like mirrors, wreaths, trivets, or coasters).
  • To achieve a cohesive look, place objects close to each other so the eye flows easily from one piece to another.
  • Take photos of arrangement variations with your phone to help you select your best option.

3. Decide how to hang your baskets on the wall

Depending on the size and weight of each basket, you’ll need something to hang them on. Your hanging options include:

Tip: Hanging heavier wall baskets may need some extra support. Create a knotted loop on the back of a basket by stringing monofilament or fishing wire through the weave of the basket.  

4. Hanging baskets on a wall

  • With your basket arrangement on the floor, measure the total width and height of the arrangement.
  • Determine which basket (or other object) is in the center point of your arrangement. Hang this first basket in the center of your wall space.
  • Refer to your photo and systematically select and hang the objects that make your arrangement, working outward from your center basket.
  • Make adjustments as needed, then step back and admire your (not-so) hard work! Great job!

Other Gallery Wall Ideas

Like decorating with baskets on the wall, gallery walls are a terrific way to showcase any collection, whether it’s artwork, mirrors, photographs or other memorabilia. We’ve curated some additional gallery wall inspiration to spark some DIY wall decor ideas for your own home.

Stairway Gallery

Source: On Sutton Place

Have a collection of family photos?

Frame them in a monochromatic color scheme but with varying shapes and sizes.

The harmonious black frames in Ann’s Stairway Gallery (On Sutton Place) call attention to the photos themselves and contribute to the coherence of the gallery.

Ombre Gallery

Source: A Beautiful Mess

In contrast, Emma (of A Beautiful Mess) created this fun Ombre Gallery Wall that highlights the ombre effect of the colored mats over the photos themselves.

To create a similar ombre effect in different colors, select colored paper mats with graduated tones that range from light to dark or vice-versa.

Instead of framing photos, consider framing your children’s artwork (or your own)!





Plant Wall

Source: Etsy – 303Woods

How about showcasing your plant collection?

Make a green statement with a plant wall, with these floating hexagonal shelves (Etsy Shop – 303Woods).

Make sure the light levels are appropriate for your little darlings.

Dish Wall

Source: Addicted 2 Decorating

This uniquely turquoise piano takes center stage, but Kristi (of Addicted 2 Decorating) accented the wall above it with a collection of various plates in her Dining Room Makeover.  The free floating placement of dishes makes it feel like the note travel along them and then out into the room!

Notice how plates of different shapes and colors fill the area, and they’re placed close together to act as one cohesive grouping. (And, newly discovered plates from yard sales or flea markets can join the group at any time!)





Install a Floating Picture Ledge

Source: Within the Grove

Like to change up the scenery now and then? A floating picture ledge gives you the option to effortly switch out art and other items as you please.

Liz (from Within the Grove) installed a series of floating shelves to make this stylish art ledge in less than an hour. Even better, she didn’t use any power tools!

For the best display results, include frames and other objects of varying heights, and layer pieces from largest in the back to smallest in the front.

Hat Wall


For gallery walls, hats offer similar options as baskets. They’re colorful, lightweight, budget conscious, and easy to hang.

This entry wall combines hats with baskets for a fresh, natural look in Mindy Gayer’s Napa Project.

For a less permanent display, hang hats on an installed hat rack or a Boho Hat Hanger (Etsy – MadhattersbyRobin) for grab-n-go access.





Create Your Own Gallery Wall

Inspired to create your own gallery wall?

Decide whether you’d like a casual collection or more structured display. Consider gathering items that you may have around the house to start, and adding purchased pieces if you need them. Experiment with items that suit your own personal style, then have fun dressing that bare wall with your proud collection! may earn a commission at no additional cost to you when you buy through links on our site. Thank you!

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