DIY Boho Tassels to Upgrade Any Throw Pillow

Pillow Envy.

You know you have it.

You know…. Those gorgeous Boho throw pillows that are back in your ad feeds. You admired their beauty just a few days ago when you considered cashing in on that 10% off Anthropologie coupon.

But, oooh… The price tag.

You’re tempted. You could splurge just this month, but sacrificing your daily Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte for a month doesn’t quite seem like an even trade.

Why do you crave them so?

Well, Bohemian style throw pillows have an inherent ability to easily convert a lifeless room into a relaxed, playful space. The patterns, textures, and materials appeal to your unconventional, eclectic decorating style.

Can you save money and get what you want through your local off-price retailer?

Well… here’s the thing.

The extraordinary $199 throw pillow that you yearn for rises above the ordinary off-price throw pillows because of its Boho details. Details like patterns, textures, fringes, and tassels that are unique to the Boho style.

In this project, you’ll learn how easy it is to assemble hand-made tassels, the details you will use to enhance an ordinary throw pillow. Your results will be an elevated Boho-style accessory for your home!

Transform Ordinary Throw Pillows to Boho Beauties

Your first step is to find a good candidate for your Boho throw pillow project. A trip to your local discounted decor store is a great place to start.

As you sort through the pillows there, don’t just judge the sloppy seconds strictly for their current appearance. Purposefully focus on geometrics, woven textiles, or colors that differ but complement those you already have at home.

Remember, Bohemian style is a deliberate mix of bold colors, textures, and patterns which supports collections of mismatched items.

Open your creative mind to consider a throw pillow’s Boho potential.

With some easy, creative tweaks, you can upgrade your bargains into unique Boho Beauties at a reasonable price!

If You Like A Pillow, Then You Gotta Put Some String On It

The only other supply that you’ll need is some type of needle art string, cord, or yarn for the tassels for your new pillow.

The pictured project uses #5 Crochet Thread, but creatively explore options like yarn, thin cord, twine, or embroidery thread that will enhance and coordinate with your pillow’s colors and textures.

Now, gather the following tools from around the house:

  • Pair of scissors
  • A rectangular piece of cardboard. The longest edge of the cardboard should be at least 1/2″ longer than the total length of your finished tassel. We used a 5 1/2″ long x 4″ wide piece of cardboard to make 5″ long tassels.
  • Long upholstery needle. The eye of the needle should be large enough to thread one strand of your string.
  • Optional: Some painter’s tape or masking tape

How to Make a Pillow Tassel

Now have some crafty fun with making a tassel:

1. Taking the string directly from the skein or ball, wrap it lengthwise around the cardboard. Be careful to keep the string as straight as possible and parallel to the sides of the cardboard. When you have a sufficient amount of loops, cut the string at a length beyond the bottom of the tassel.

Tip: It’s helpful to keep track of the number of times you loop the string around the cardboard to keep the look of tassels on the same project consistent.

The tassels in this project were made with 100 loops. Depending on the thickness of your string or how fat you’d like your tassel, adjust accordingly.

2. Cut a separate 20″ length of your string and slip it under the loops on the cardboard. Take both ends of the string and tie the loops together with a single knot.

3. Use your scissors to cut the loops at the base of the cardboard. This will release your tassel from the cardboard. It’ll look a little scraggly, but no worries… it’ll get trimmed up later.

4. Now that the strings are released from the cardboard, upgrade that single knot at the top of the tassel into a very tight double knot.

5. To make the neck of the tassel, start with a 36″ length of your string (we used a contrasting color here.) Make a loop about 8″ from one end. Place the folded length of string lengthwise on the tassel with the loop near the top of the tassel.

6. With your left thumb and index finger, hold the tassel top and the loop together. With your right hand, start to wind the longer end of the looped string about 1/2″ below the top of the tassel to form the neck.

Start by winding the neck string from the top of the tassel toward the bottom, then wind it back upward over the first layer toward the loop.

7. When the string has reached the loop near the top, slip the end of the string through the loop and hold it there loosely with your left thumb. Slowly pull the shorter end of the string below the neck to catch the other end in the loop. When the loop is pulled completely under the neck, snip the end of the string close to the neck. Pull the bottom string down tightly to secure the loose end.

Snip the lower loose end near the neck. Tuck any visible loose ends under the neck strings.

8. Now it’s time for a trim! Loosely tape the bottom part of the tassel to hold the strings together and straight. Make a mark on the tape at the length you want your tassel. Cut straight across the tape to trim the string ends of the tassel.

9. Remove the tape and shake out the tassel. If necessary, trim any strings that didn’t quite make the cut. Repeat to make at least four tassels (one for each corner).

How to Attach a Tassel Onto a Pillow

It’s makeover time! All that’s left is to attach one of the four tassels onto each corner of your pillow:

Securing a tassel to a pillow corner
  1. Thread one of the strings from the top knot of the tassel into the eye of your upholstery needle. Insert the needle about 1/4″ below the corner of the pillow along the side seam. Bring the point of the needle up through the corner of the pillow. Pull the string through and release it from the needle. Repeat for the other thread from the tassel’s top knot.
  2. Pull both strings together to pull the tassel up close to the corner of the pillow.
  3. Tie the two strings in a double knot to secure the tassel tightly.
  4. To hide the loose ends, thread one of the strings back through the eye of the upholstery needle. Insert the needle close to where you just tied your double knot, then weave the string back into the pillow along the seam, about 1–2″. Clip the end of the thread and repeat for the second string.


Boho Beautiful

So go ahead.

Head on out and hit up your local Home Goods or T.J. Maxx for your next Boho Beauty at a bargain price. Remember to use your discerning and crafty eye to purchase the perfect foundation for your tasseled Boho pillow project.

Take an afternoon to amp up your bargain pillow’s potential with this crafty, creative rehab project. You’ll quickly transform it into a unique Boho Beauty that fits your decor perfectly. Without the high-dollar sacrifice.

Well done!

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