4 Ways to Instantly Transform Your Desk from Drab to Fab

Remember how thrilled you were when you escaped cubicle-land to work from home? How it energized you to buy your new desk and set up your very own home workspace to meet the functional needs of your job?

You love your home gig, but lately, you’re frequently drawn away from your home desk, that space that you set up specifically to be engaged and productive in your work.

You love your job, but you simply dread sitting… there.

Why doesn’t it feel right?

You’re working from home, exactly where you want to be.

You’re not at the office anymore.

… But, is your new workspace so different?

When you set up your home desk, you probably added some framed photos and a nice plant, just like you did in the past to create an engaging, homey environment. At the office. To make you feel more “at home”.

Wait a minute. You ARE home.

By surrounding yourself with run-of-the-mill office desk accessories, you set yourself up to be reminded of that damned office job that you were so desperate to get away from!

You work from home.

Your home.

You have a unique opportunity to turn your home office into an inviting space that is more true to who you are — one that you love working in and that inspires your creativity.

Be inspired by these four simple changes to quickly transform your desk beyond the drab, standard office vibe into the personalized home workspace that you deserve.

Put Your Money Where Your Bum Is

You spend several hours sitting at your desk. Hours sitting on your tush can become quite uncomfortable if it’s not supported properly.

You know the old saying, “If tushy ain’t happy…”

Well, maybe there’s not an old saying, but here’s the reality: Your uncomfortable tush will be annoyed and secretly convince the rest of your body to move away from the source of its discomfort.

Your back has the same tendencies as your tush.

Simple Science: Your uncomfortable body is distracting to your work.

Do your body and your productivity a favor and buy yourself the best quality desk chair that

  • is upholstered for comfort
  • suits your personal style and
  • is within your budget.

If a new chair is not possible right away, find a lumbar support pillow, cushion or throw that will provide sufficient support for your body while you’re sitting at your desk.

Get a Babysitter for Your Subconscious

You can try to ignore it, but you can’t really block the sensation of touch. The lesson from your parked tush is evidence of this.

You need to keep the rest of your body and your subconscious mind tactically entertained as well. Your active mind (the one you use to concentrate and get things done) will thank you. Think of texture as your babysitter for your subconscious self.

Most common desk accessories are similar textures — your keyboard, mouse, paper, coffee mug, cell phone are all smooth, smooth, smooth. Too much of one texture is well… boring.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t really care whether you look at or physically touch different textures. It will, however, seek out changes in your textural environment (i.e. distract you) if not satisfied.

Simple Science: You stay focused longer if you’re (not too) cozy.

Switch things up with a unique “natural” element. A small terrarium with moss, spiky plants, rocks and shells provides quite a variety of visual textures to enjoy.

Or consider a plush sheepskin fur rug (faux or real) to provide a textural distraction either underfoot or across the room.

Spritz A Little Spritz

Why not introduce some calming aromatherapy to your office with an attractive tart warmer, an eco-friendly reed diffuser, pretty potpourri, essential oils or simple fresh flowers?

Experiment to find specific fragrances that are not heavy, overpowering or otherwise distracting to you. Clean, subtle scents like lemongrass, fresh linen eucalyptus or lavender can support the productive, stress-free setting you need.

Simple Science: An inviting place is pleasing to your nose.

Of course, candles are one of the easiest options to lift the literal and figurative funk from your workspace. It’s likely that candles were frowned upon by the Safety team at your old office, so take advantage of your home setting and enjoy the olfactory indulgence.

Bath & Body Works candle favorites such as Limoncello, Eucalyptus + Spearmint and Lavender Vanilla offer clean fragrances in decorative jars that are pretty to look at even when they’re not burning.

Fling on Some Bling

As with fashion, the jewelry that you choose to adorn your workspace adds your personal touch to make it a reflection of your own personal style.

Surround yourself with playful little details that remind you of your past or reflect details of the special person you are.

This is easy. We are happy when we’re surrounded by and reminded of the things we love.

Ask yourself — What were things I liked as a child? What do I yearn for? What are my treasures? What’s my favorite color? What destinations do I long to visit or re-visit?

Have fun looking for creative, subtle ways to accessorize your surroundings. Little unexpected zingers are fun and unique personal touches that transform a generic workspace into a true reflection of you.

For example, a Tea Lover might display a little succulent planted in a pretty teacup. A Cyclist might find some unique coasters made from recycled bicycle parts. The Nostalgic Soul could frame an antique doily from grandmother’s dresser.

Simple Science: All business and no play makes your desk a dull place to work.

Another easy way to subtly make your mark is to replace your furniture’s standard knobs or pulls with unique hardware that you love. It’s easy to make a magical furniture transformation in less than 30 minutes with a fun, true-to-you hardware selection.

Choose Your Own (Office Makeover) Adventure

Take inventory of your home workspace. Does it reflect the special person you truly are or is it just an area that has an obligatory framed photo or two that you had on your previously generically-decoated office desk.

Consider adding some indulgent personal touches to transform your home workspace into a sophisticated reflection of YOU.

Your desk is your home for at least eight hours of the day. You deserve to work in an inviting place that beckons you every morning and encourages you to stay just a little bit longer.

A place that reflects the warmth and feeling of your own home.

Where inspiration and productivity are boundless.

Is it 5 o’clock already?

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