4th of July Drinks + Kid’s Firecracker Drinking Straw Craft

Patriotic Drinking Straw Craft

It’s easy to be patriotic when you sip red, white & blue drinks served with this easy-to-make kid’s craft for July 4!

Your July 4th summer cookout is all set.  Almost.

The hamburger patties and hot dogs are in the ‘fridge along with your ever-popular potato salad, deviled eggs, and fabulous, star-spangled desserts.

You’re stocked up on beer, wine, soda, and water but feel the options are a bit… ho-hum.

What about drumming up some patriotism by offering a beverage or two that feature our country’s colors? Serve ’em up with this easy craft for kids and you’ll have a winning combo!

We’ve assembled plenty of creative patriotic drink ideas (kid-friendly and adult summer cocktails) that celebrate the red, white and blue!

But first, let’s get the kids busy with this fun craft!

Summer Craft Idea for Kids: Make Easy Firecracker Drinking Straws

Top off patriotic drinks with these easy-to-assemble Firecracker Straws made with mini foil baking cups and patriotic paper straws:

1.  Flatten a small foil mini baking cup into a circle, then fold it into quarters.

2.  Cut the fringe along the outer edge of the cup.

3.  Snip a tiny piece off the folded point to make your center hole.

4.  Unfold the cup and slide onto your straw, foil-side down.

5.  Repeat the process for three more foil cups, and add them to your straw with the foil side up.

6.  Scrunch the ends of the fringe a bit to resemble a fireworks burst.

Stir Up Some Kid-Friendly (Non-Alcoholic) Patriotic Drinks

Kid’s Patriotic Punch (Mom Endeavors) can be sipped through Twizzlers edible straws!  Layer red, white and blue liquids starting with the highest sugar content at the bottom.

How about a self-serve idea that will appeal to both kids and adults?  Simply set up a Patriotic blueberry- and strawberry- Flavored Water Station (Homeward Found Décor) and you’re free to visit with your guests.

Watermelon and Blueberry Skewers (Tastes Better from Scratch) are fun patriotic fruit garnishes that liven up any beverage.

Kids and adults alike will appreciate some Patriotic Ice Cubes (mom.me) added to their drinks.  Plan ahead by freezing and storing plenty of these to have on hand.

Serve Red, White & Blue Adult Summer Cocktails for the 4th

Your adult guests will certainly enjoy Red, White, and Blue Sangria (Recipe Girl). It’s a refreshing combination of white wine, vodka, and triple sec with fruit, including festive, star-shaped fresh pineapple slices.

Star-spangled Bomb Pop Shots (A Beautiful Mess) have only three ingredients (hard lemonade, curacao, and grenadine) so they’re a cinch to make and bound to be a hit! Be sure to have enough on hand ’cause they’ll be coming back for seconds!

Another cool-down cocktail option for your adult guests is (Sugar Spice & Glitter’s) Red White and Blue Slushy which features blue curacao and Smirnoff Red, White, and Berry Vodka.  A little prep yields raving fans with this cocktail!

If you have someone who likes to play bartender, all they’ll need is some blue curacao, vodka, lemonade, and grenadine to whip up Creative Ramblings’ adult Red, White, and Blue Layered Cocktail.  (Just don’t get it mixed up with the kid’s layered punch from above!)

A Firecracker Margarita (from As the Bunny Hops) is just what it sounds like.  The Pop Rocks candy sprinkled along the rim of the glass certainly makes this a memorable July 4th cocktail!

Sues (WearenotMartha) shares the recipe for blueberry simple syrup, which is featured in Blueberry Vodka Lemonade.  She also suggests that you could omit the vodka for a just-as-refreshing Blueberry Lemonade Mocktail.

Finally, why not make some Red White, and Blue Jello Shots (Couple in the Kitchen) to enjoy while you watch the fireworks?  You could easily omit the liquor for a kid-friendly dessert.

Add one or two of these patriotic beverages and serving options to your epic menu and your cookout will be bound to impress!  Your family and guests will feel special and sense that you’ve outdone yourself.  Again!

Cheers, and Happy 4th!

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