How to Make Pom Pom Flowers: DIY Funky & Fun Faux Bouquet

Make these quick and easy pom pom flowers to brighten up any room!

Want to know how to make DIY pom pom flowers?

You’re in the right place!

This DIY faux flower arrangement is so funky and fun, it’ll add a touch of whimsy to any decor!

What’s more, pompom flower centerpieces like these are quick and easy to assemble for weddings or other events. (And, they’re longer-lasting than natural floral arrangements.)

This project requires minimal materials and tools, so it’s easy on your budget too!

If you’re a crafter, most of these items are likely stashed somewhere around your house.

Let’s get started!

DIY: How to Make Pom Pom Flowers

1. Gather Materials for Your Pom Pom Flower Bouquet

Here’s your budget-friendly scavenger hunt list for your faux flower materials:

pom pom flowers - materials needed

Note: Instructions are for right-handed crafters. Use the opposite hand mentioned if you’re a lefty. Here we go:

pom pom flowers - making pom poms 1
pom pom flowers - making pom poms 2
pom pom flowers - making pom poms 3

1. Cut a 12″ length of yarn. This will be used to tie your pom pom together.

2. Fold the length of yarn in half and slip the folded end in the middle opening between the tines of the fork. Pull the two ends of the yarn toward the handle of the fork and wind them around the handle to keep them from tangling with the string of yarn you use in the next step.

3. Pulling a separate piece of yarn from the skein, start wrapping it around the tines across the width of the fork. Wrap the yarn neatly, keeping the yarn strands straight across (perpendicular to) the width of the fork. Make about 50–60 loops around the tines of the fork.

4. Trim your yarn and slip the loose end under another loop to lightly secure your wound yarn from unraveling.

5. Unwind the 12″ length of yarn from the handle (from step #1). Use this length of yarn to tie around the center of the loops on the tines with one very tight single knot.

6. Carefully slip your loops off the fork tines. Run the yarn ends from the center knot around to the other side and tie another very tight single knot. Run the yarn ends around one more time and tie your final knot (double knot) very tightly to hold your pom pom together. Your pom pom will look like a fat bow.

7. Cut through the middle of the loops of yarn on either side, being careful to not snip the piece of yarn you just knotted. Now we’re getting somewhere!

8. With your left hand, take hold of the yarn ends you used to tie the pom pom together and give the pom pom a good shake to fluff it out.

9. Still holding those long yarn ends with your left hand, use your sharp scissors to trim away any long pieces of yarn on your pom pom to even it out.

Repeat until you have made as many pompom flowers as you would like in your arrangement.

4. Add a Stem to Your Pom Pom Flower

Next, to make your faux flower arrangement, prepare the decorative sticks or twigs to receive their pom pom blooms:

1. Place all the sticks/stems that you plan to use in your vase.

2. Trim the sticks at varying heights. Your pom pom flower arrangement will have more visual interest if the blooms appear at different levels in the group.

3. With your glue gun, hot glue one pom pom onto the top of the stick. Hold the pom pom onto the stick for a few seconds until it’s secure. Voila! Your first pom pom flower is complete.

4. Repeat #3 to combine the remaining pom poms and sticks.

5. Finally, arrange all of your faux flowers in a vase.

pom pom flowers - arrangement

Now, stand back and admire your new faux flower arrangement. You did it! Wasn’t that easy?

Step Back and Admire Your DIY Pom Pom Flowers

So, there you have it. These DIY pom pom flowers were a snap to complete, but their simplicity is your secret.

Imagine the “oohs” and “ahhs” from your friends as they admire your little creations:
“How do you find the time to make these?”
“You’re so clever!”
“Cute, so CUTE!”

Feels good, doesn’t it? Great job!

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