DIY Scented Mug Mats: Cozy & Comforting Coasters (Quick Gift!)

DIY scented mug mats

Scented mug mats made with a classic pumpkin spice fragrance are just what our nostrils crave this time of year! A hot mug on these coasters activates the scents and fills the air with delicious reminders of the upcoming holidays.

These scented coasters are a cinch to make. Make two and bundle one with some tea and honey for a thoughtful “get well” gift for a friend who’s feeling under the weather!

Our Gingerbread Coffee Syrup is another easy hot drink DIY gift for the winter months. Why not make both?

Let’s get started!

DIY Scented Mug Mat Supplies & Tools

Supplies You’ll Need:

2 – 6″ x 6″ pieces of cotton or cotton blend fabric
matching thread
3/4 cup dry white or brown rice
1 tsp. whole cloves
1 cinnamon stick
20-25 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Tools Needed for Making a Scented Coaster:

pinking shears
round template (approximately 5 1/2″ diameter)
sewing needle or (optional) sewing machine

How to Make a Scented Mug Mat

Mix the Scented Filling:

In a medium bowl, add rice, whole cloves, and small broken pieces of the cinnamon stick. Stir to blend. Add 20-25 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Stir to incorporate oil into the rice and spices.
Pour mixture onto a plate and allow to air dry for at least 2 hours.

Assemble the Coaster:

1. Using the round template, trace two circles onto the fabric. Cut the two circles from your fabric with pinking shears, using the traced line as your guide.

2. With the fabric’s wrong sides facing, sew the two circles together, stitching (either by hand or machine) around the outside edge of the circle, about 1/4″ from the pinked outside edge. Leave a 2″ opening.

3. Fill the coaster with the rice mixture. (It’s easier to fill if you create a makeshift funnel with a rolled piece of paper.)

4. Shift the filling to the opposite side, and stitch the opening closed (by hand or machine) about 1/4″ from the outside edge. Redistribute the rice mixture to flatten your coaster.

DIY Scented Mug Mats
Now, pour yourself a nice cup of hot tea, place your mug atop your new scented mug mat, put your feet up, and enjoy the scents of the fall season!

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