Summer Brunch Tablescape: Cheery Yellow & Blue Wildflowers

Texas wildflower arrangement
Texas wildflowers influence this yellow and blue summer brunch tablescape.

“Pick me, pick me!”

You hop into the shower after your morning walk envisioning those friendly little wildflowers in an informal summer tablescape.  They graced the view in several places along your path and seemed to beckon you to take them into your home.

As you get dressed for the day, you think of your old blue pitcher and how it would look so cheerful holding those sunny yellow Texas wildflower faces.

Maybe you should go back.

Wildflowers: Summer’s Hidden Treasures

No additional motivation needed, you decide that your mission for the morning is to introduce the pretty yellow flowers to your old blue pitcher and see what transpires.

Texas wildflower arrangementScissors in hand, you head over to the empty lot.  Upon closer observation, you see that the bold Black-Eyed Susans were hanging out very near to another wildflower that sat lower in the field and couldn’t be seen as well from the road.

What a welcome surprise!

The fuzzy blue-purple clumps of flowers, later identified with the help of a Wildflowers of Texas reference as Mistflower,  seemed to beg to join the party as well.   You snip a little greenery for filler and head back home.

Yellow and purple are complementary colors, so the marriage of these two wildflowers seems perfect in your blue sunflower pitcher.  The arrangement comes together easily and you can’t help but smile at those little flower faces now sitting on your summer table.

Impromptu Summer Brunch Tablescape

Now, this prompts another idea.  Those flowers are too cute not to share!

Texas wildflower arrangementWhy not invite a friend over for a little impromptu brunch?

It’ll take just a few minutes to pull together this fun little mix-and-match summer brunch tablescape then give her a call.
She’ll be honored that you did!Texas wildflower arrangement








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