How to Make Cute Turkey-Themed Thanksgiving Place Cards

Turkey and all the fixin’s in the ‘fridge?  Check.

Pies on order?  Check.

Got enough china place settings for all the guests?  Pressed tablecloth and napkins back from the cleaners?  Check.

No stress here! You’ve got your Thanksgiving dinner plans under control!

By now, you know who is coming for the feast, so you can carve out a little time to make Thanksgiving place cards for everyone at your table.

You’ll only need about 30 minutes to make these cute little place cards.  The best part is that you probably have most of the supplies on hand!

This can be a fun little project for yourself, but take note that it’s easily adaptable for a craft to make with children this time of year.

You can turn this into a science or nature adventure and start it out with leaf-hunting with the kids.  Allow them to discover the different varieties of shapes, textures, and colors of tree leaves that you have in your area.

When it comes time to assemble the turkeys, be careful with smaller parts and the use of a hot glue gun with smaller children.  You might want to make larger turkeys with larger leaves, buttons, construction paper shapes, and glue sticks.

Gather Your Thanksgiving Place Card Supplies

For each Thanksgiving Place Card, you’ll need:
Blank place card or folded card stock
1 large (1″ diameter) button
1 chevron bead (You could substitute a small triangle-shaped piece of construction paper)
2 6mm wiggle eyes
1 artificial or natural autumn maple leaf (approx. 2 – 2 1/2″ wide) – stem removed

Tools you’ll need:
Sharpie Fine Point marker
Glue gun or craft glue


Use natural elements if you have them!  If there are still leaves in your area, you may want to solicit the help of the kids to find some good ones.

(Check out How to Make Waxed Fall Leaves if you want to preserve the natural leaves and place cards for another time.)

Assemble Your Turkey Place Card

1. With your Sharpie marker, print your guest’s name on the right side of the card.  Then draw two turkey legs on the left.  The tops of the legs should be from the base of the card to about 3/4 of the way up.  Get creative with those skinny turkey legs!  Your turkey legs can be standing, kicking, or dancing.

2. Centered above your drawn turkey legs, glue your autumn leaf to resemble the turkey’s feathers. The edges of the leaf can extend beyond the top of the place card.

3. Glue two wiggle eyes and chevron bead onto your big button to make the turkey’s face.

4. Glue the assembled turkey face centered on the leaf so that the tops of the legs are just below the face.

Here’s another idea:
Make cute homemade Thanksgiving cards with these little gobblers on them.  Heck, why make a card with a whole flock of ’em?

These fun little Thanksgiving place cards will solicit raving reviews and help everyone find their place at the table.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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